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Best Buy Spiderman commercial


Electronic retailer Best Buy released this ad in 2003, featuring the Spider-Man video game, which, however, came out in 2000.


The commercial begins with footage from the video game featuring Spider-Man hanging from a web, and a man also hanging on a web comes down yelling "SPIDER-MAN, WHAT'S CRACKIN' BABY?". When Spider-Man starts to web sling, the guy follows and comments "Where ya going, Spider-Man?". They both land on top of a building, where Spider-Man picks up a lady and runs off the screen, with the man saying "You gettin' the girl, saving the day, YEAH! GO SPIDER-MAN!". Just then, the background changes to a Best Buy store interior, then the guy looks around in embarrassment but walks back to the monitor displaying the game.

At the end, he can be seen grabbing a box with what ironically appears to be a flight stick.

Why It's Cursed[]

The guy's loud yelling trying to capture's Spider-Man's attention is totally uncalled for.