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Cheddar Cheese Commercial (1992)

A rather cheesy commercial.

In the early 90's, America's Dairy Farmers and the National Dairy Board produced this commercial for Cheddar Cheese.


The ad states that "Cheddar cheese turns ordinary tortilla chips into delicious.." then cuts to a guy who says "Nachos!"

Then the cheese sauce on the chips disappear, with the guy saying "Hey, bring that back!". The announcer states that if you take away the cheddar, you're stuck with plain old, chips, fading to the guy that pushes the plate away and says "No way, Jose!". The ad ends with the guy eating a chip with the tagline "Tasty Cheddar Makes Everything Better!"

Why It's Cursed[]

The fact that cheddar cheese in general has gotten a commercial seems pretty redundant. The commercial itself is also pretty cheesy and rather dull.


  • The actor in this commercial is Cliff Bemis, known for his IHOP commercials.