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Axe Dark Temptation

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Chocolate Man is a commercial for Axe's toiletries, featuring the new Dark Temptation scent. This aired during 2008 in the Netherlands(?).(idk)


The ad starts with a young guy spraying Axe Dark Temptation on his body in his bathroom. After he puts the bottle on the toilet top, the guy is suddenly transformed into a chocolate-like figure. Because of course he does.

He then walks around town, impressing a lot of females along his way. He walks in a library, sprinkles his chocolate nose on a couple of girls' ice creams. Then he hangs with a girl at a picnic, goes on a movie theater date with two women, having sex and eating him away, visits a girl in the hospital, and even dances at a club.

Towards the end, he stops outside of a gym to say hi to a whole crowd of women inside when a car zooms past him and steals his arm. He waves goodbye at the car with his only left arm.

Why It's Cursed[]

The chocolate man is totally terrifying and uncanny. And then, there are some parts in the ad that are just really weird and are innuendos. Like for instance, the picnic scene, where the girl chilling with him just relentlessly rubs a strawberry in his belly button area, and the movie theater scene that follows, with the two women just enjoying eating him, with his facial expression still being the same all throughout. There is also one part of the ad where the chocolate man is on a bus, and the girl beside him deliberately takes a bite of his butt. The name "chocolate man" could also be seen as racist towards black people. Another factor that makes this commercial even more cursed is the fact that in the whole commercial there's absolutely no speaking.


  • The song featured in the commercial is "Sweet Touch of Love" by Allen Toussaint.
  • The ”Chocolate Man” costume was a latex suit made by Stan Winston Studios.


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