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When I first saw this video I thought it said I’m tired of children I’m tired of gun i’m tired of world hunger and I’m tired of food that smells morbid


Chow Daddy - PSA - 1987

What do you get when you cross a lion and Michael Jackson? Chow Daddy.

Chow Daddy was a local public service announcement aired in the Boston area, discussing about how great school lunch is. The ad aired in 1987 and throughout the late 80's, and was typically seen during Saturday Morning cartoons.


The ad starts with a bunch of kids running outside, and we see Chow Daddy, who then begins to do Michael Jackson-esque dance moves, and discusses how "school lunch keeps him roarin' ready!"

Why It's Cursed[]

The main weird factor of the ad is Chow Daddy, who just wears a lion mask around his head and promotes cafeteria food, which is (undoubtedly) hated because of it's lousy quality.


  • Apparently, the guy who portrayed Chow Daddy was later arrested for drug use, however, this news is unconfirmed. The actor's name was David C. Waite, and a comment posted by him can be seen on YouTube.

    Comment posted by the actor.