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EB Games - Rivals

This ad is terrible. Copy that.

Rivals is an ad for video game retailer EB Games, which aired in December 2014 during the Holiday season in Canada. The ad was promoting the game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the Xbox One.


Two men who park right next to each other (with green text implying their Xbox Gamertags being BUTTERCUP81 and ImURRIVAL69), decide to race to the EB Games store. During which, ImURRIVAL69 falls on the hood of somebody's car, and then he later bumps into BUTTERCUP81 who already made it to the doors.

The Rivals

Inside is an employee who responds with "Woah, hey guys! Welcome to EB Games." ImURRIVAL69 says "Call of Duty", with BUTTERCUP81 replying with "Advanced Warfare", then they both say "Xbox One". The employee answers with "copy that".

Towards the end, the two exit the store, with BUTTERCUP81 greeting ImURRIVAL69 out first. However, he shoves ImURRIVAL69 to the window. The employee can be seen facepalming in the background.

Why It's Cursed[]

The main popularity factor of this ad is the EB Games employee, with one thing being noticeable about him is his fairly long neck. Aside from that, is the "copy that" line said by him, which became an instantly popular meme.


  • It is unknown if BUTTERCUP81 and/or ImURRIVAL69 are real Gamertags or were just made up.
  • The EB Games location featured is located on 181 N Queen St in a shopping centre in Ontario, Canada.