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Alex Meixner “My Pepperona”, ®2016, Hormel Foods

Earworm warning up ahead.

My Pepperona is a musical commercial for Hormel Foods' pepperoni brand. It was aired in 2016 and is sung and performed by singer Alex Meixner. Because of this particular advert, he became a mainstream polka musician all throughout the country.


In a orange target-like background, Meixner is seen walking around playing an accordion and a drum (with the stick hitting the drum every time he takes a step). Lyrics for the ad are below:

Put it on-a pizza yum, a-nachos yum

Put it on-a anything, pep-pepperona

Ooh, I want to eat it up, eat it up

Got to get me some Hormel pepperona!

My, my, my, my, my-woo!


My Hormel pepperona!

The song then finishes, but for the next five seconds of silence as the Hormel pepperoni banner falls down, Meixner's feet can still be seen walking beneath it, still tapping away.

Why It's Cursed[]

The commercial is a blatant parody of band The Knack's My Sharona, which, coincidentally enough, was also parodied by Weird Al as My Bologna. Because of this, the ad can be considered annoying for some. Also, accordions were banned already!