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Puppy Monkey Baby is a 2016 television commercial for Mountain Dew Kickstart that aired first during Super Bowl 50 as a way to show off the mix featured in the drink (Three Awesome Things Combined).


Puppy monkey baby best 2017 clip by rob

Three awesome things combined is not always a good thing, you know?


Three guys are relaxing on a sofa when a creature that's a mishmash of a pug dog, a monkey, and a baby human arrives through a secret door on the wall with a bucket of ice and Mountain Dew Kickstart. It performs a dance for the guys as it gives them cans of the drink. He then leads them out the door as they dance to tropical music. The product is then shown as the creature licks it twice.

Why It's Cursed[]

The advert is an obvious failed attempt at replicating memes involving cute things. On top of that, the creature itself is animated in poorly rendered CG (it looks like he's stop motioned on times), it speaks in a gravely smoker's voice, and he has no reason to even be there in the first place.