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Quiznos Spongmonkeys - Huns! In HD!

We don't look like Huns, we look more like lab accidents.

Huns is a commercial for the Quiznos Sub franchise, featuring former mascots theSpongemonkeys, which are deformed, rodent-like realistic creatures. The ad campaign aired in 2004.


Just like many other ads featuring the Spongmonkeys during the time, this ad has the mascots singing about the subs at Quiznos. 

The lyrics in this ad are:

We love the subs!

Cause they are toasty subs!

The Quizno Subs!

They are so good, we'd eat them raw, but eating raw subs is barbaric!

We are not the huns!

Why It's Cursed[]

Many of these Quiznos ads are known for their, horrible, completely terrifying design of the Spongmonkeys, who originated from a music video titled We Like the Moon (which the Quiznos ads are parodying). They have realistic human eyes, which squash and stretch around as well as an ugly mouth, complete with a black hat on top, with the guitar one having a pirate hat instead.

Not to mention, their singing is absolutely atrocious, and the backgrounds look like they are just a stock image from online. One can insist that these ads were the reason why Quiznos began to face financial trouble.


  • The Spongmonkeys were animated by British animator Joel Veitch, who owns a website named Rathergood.