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Sauerländer Gurken 4k

This new Ninja Turtles movie looks rather awkward...

Sometime in 2008, this obscure German pickle commercial was shot, known as Sauerländer Gurken, and it features Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.


The advert takes place in a men's locker room. One guy is seen drinking water, while another can be seen taking his shirt off. The scene then cuts to Raph coming out of the shower, which makes the two guys look over. Raph does karate fighting moves, and then reaches for his towel on his legs, which makes the scene cut to one of the men, making a revolting face, and then he lets go and the towel slides off, cutting to the same man again before the towel leaves his private area.

The next scene has Raph slamming a Sauerländer jar on the table, with a German woman voiceover saying "Mmm, Sauerländer pickles, crispy in taste" The ad closes out with a crunch sound.

Why It's Cursed[]

The advert was banned from German television for obvious reasons. After all, it is rather unsettling seeing a family-friendly character appearing in a commercial obviously intended for 18+ adult audiences. Comparing the pickles to the turtles, one could even imply that this ad is trying to say the pickles are the turtles' genitals.

The odd part about this is, searching "Sauerländer Gurken" online yields no results, no matter the keyword, with the exception being results of this particular commercial. So, it is totally unknown if this pickle brand even exists.