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"Some Da Eat" Commercial (Animated by Dat Artist @

I- I- I think I lost my appetite after watching this.

Some Da Eat was a restaurant located in a strip mall in 6586 Tidewave Drive, Norfolk, Virginia. The restaurant specialized in soul food. The name is supposed to be a pun on "somethin' eat", or basically "something to eat".


Three dudes are in a living room when their stomachs are heard growling (complete with a "HUNGRY!! caption above). Then, their mouths grow eyes and limbs and fly off their faces, and they run off to find the titular restaurant.

Lyrics below to the song:

Yes we're on a mission, lookin' for Some Da Eat

Funnest food obsession, lookin' for Some Da Eat

On the one direction, lookin' for Some Da Eat

Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat!


Lookin' for Some Da Eat, fendin' for Some Da Eat, searchin' for Some Da Eat, gotta get Some Da Eat!

Must get mine, I'm out to get it!

I must get mine, I'm out to get it!

Do do do, do do do do! Do do do, do do do do...

Why It's Cursed[]

This commercial is very nauseating to look at, with it's very awful gradients on almost all the drawings, which alone isn't drawn the best at all, looking like a flash Newgrounds animation. And then the mouths themselves look horrible with the ugly-looking teeth and one with some saliva on the tongue when it sticks out, which also isn't supposed to be appealing considering it's a commercial for a restaurant that claims to serve good food (despite said food looking cold as hell anyway). You can tell that they even used clip art from the web, noticeable at the shot with the television screen, you can see a figure on the left that has a white box around the photo.

The song is also very ear-grating with the loud effects.