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Star chic-?????

What are those? No, not the shoes.... the entire thing.

Stars Chic is a shoe store in Brazil. The store released this ad in 2009 in Brazilian Portuguese language.


The ad features a man, who has no footwear on, Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes, Nicky Flippers and Japeth from Hoodwinked, Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings, and a few Kids on the side of the street watching Larry The cockroach dance around.

After the shoe screens, Woody Woodpecker walks into the circle and squashes Larry the cockroach, which causes the man to freak out. He grabs Woody by his waist and chokes him to death but it’s not in the ad

Why It's Cursed[]

The commercial is straight out horrible. Bugs, Japeth, Nicky, Gollum and Woody's 3D models are atrocious, and it's definitely certain that they didn't ask permission from their respective owners to use them in this. The ad doesn't even make any sense, especially for a shoe store. And Woody Woodpecker being strangled is bizarre.


  • The black-shirted guy slightly looks similar to The Computer Guy Who Punched His Computer, and Phil swift from the flex seal ads.